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Mr and Mrs Heighton

Miss Marjorie Sanderson was born in Windermere and after training in Leeds, was employed in 1944 as the nursery teacher at Calgarth School. The school opened in 1942 and the nursery was added in 1943 to take children of three years of age.

Mr Colin Heighton taught at the school for a short time as soon as he had completed his teacher training and married Miss Sanderson in the early 1950’s. Mrs Heighton took a break from teaching when her daughter was born. She returned to teach when her daughter was old enough to attend the nursery and spent a total of seventeen years at Calgarth School.

M Heighton

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  • Ref. Number: FB 017-018MrsH
  • Date: 11.3.07
  • Interviewer (I): Liz Rice
  • Subject: Calgarth School
  • Period: 1944


Mrs Heighton, can you sort of take me through what sort of lessons you taught the children?


Well to start with it was a little bit more formalised and you had certain times of the day when you did certain things, a little bit like today when they have their literary hour and their maths hours and all this.

I can't really remember how I would start the day, but they would have time for sitting at tables with something they had chosen from the cupboards like jigsaws or drawing or various things for training their hand and their eye together as it were, and so rather a quietish time that. Then they also had at that time, PE lessons which of course I quite enjoyed and we would go outside for that onto the playground and you were an aeroplane, or an engine or a car or something, and then various other skipping and jumping and that sort of thing.

And then we would come in and probably have their time to have their milk and orange juice. Then again we would have sitting around in a group while I talked to them, sometimes we'd look at a big picture and pick things out and then we would end the morning with a story gathered around, and I would tell them a story before we had their mid day dinner. And then in the afternoon after dinner, oh they had a short play outside, and as I say, I was very impressed with the older girls and boys, particularly the boys, looking after these little ones.

And then they would have a rest on their, they had beds and a blanket, and as I was saying, they all, each child had their own blanket and I'd embroidered a picture on for them so they knew their own blanket, their own bed, their own flannel they had on the wall on separate hooks, and their own towel, again I'd embroidered the symbols of them, the correct symbol, and have a rest. And then when they had had their rest, they got up and again we had stories and things with the teacher then before the end of the afternoon school.

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