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Eleanor Hicks was born in 1944 at 11 Park Hill Road, Calgarth. Her mum, dad and four brothers moved in around 1942 when her dad came to work at the factory at White Cross Bay.

When the factory closed in 1945, Mr Hicks worked as a gardener and eventually became the coalman, delivering coal to the estate with Mr Brooks.

As the houses were cleared for demolition around 1958/9, the family were moved to 88 Calgarth Road. They were one of the last families to leave the estate in 1960.

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Eleanor's interview
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  • Ref. Number: FB022EB
  • Date: 13.3.07
  • Interviewer (I): Liz Rice
  • Subject: : Life as a child on Calgarth
  • Period: 1944-1960


So can you remember your house?


Yeh I can remember the little kitchen as you went in. Well the front door nobody used, well yes I suppose you’d call it the front, and that had a hallway and the toilet was on the left and the bathroom on the right, then you turned right and there was the first bedroom on your left, and then a big one along the top and then the other one on the right.. And my sister and I occupied one on the left, and my brothers occupied the top one and mum and dad had the other one. And then if you go through the other door you were straight into a very tiny kitchen, and then into the sitting room. And they were all red brick outside and small bricks, and inside they were big red brick, but people painted them mostly cos we used to have a dart board. Well of course everybody played because we always had a houseful, so we always had chips all round the wall where everybody missed the board (laughs). But it was just a house, just a happy house, nobody was bothered what it looked like.


And can you remember the kitchen – what


I remember the kitchen because we had a fire in the sitting room that used to go to the black leaded oven at the back and it had 3 places for pans, and then you had a draining board after that on your left and the sink near the window on your left, I don’t think, well I suppose with the cupboards on your right, can’t really remember that bit. That’s where we did all the cooking and things.


Gosh you had quite a big family


We did . My dad used to cook chips on the front of the fire not the back


Oh right, what in the living room? Oh right! (Laughs)


Everybody used to come for dad’s chips cos they were good and he always used to throw an egg in when you take the chips out, and you had chips and egg and they were all like crisp octopuses they were lovely – they really were good, and his chips were as well cos it was always red hot fat. How they did – well I suppose it did go on fire – every so often (laughs) and in the summer we had a primus stove in the kitchen to cook with because….

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