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DP176 readyto launch

DP176 ready to launch

Courtesy of Allan King

In April 2005 an exhibition entitled 'In Defiance of Gravity' opened at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal. Curated by Windermere historian Allan King and artist Trevor Avery, the exhibition showed a collection of historical photographs of the Sunderland Flying Boat factory that once stood on the shores of Windermere and the nearby settlement that housed its workers.

Trevor became increasingly fascinated by this almost forgotten piece of war time Lakeland history, and in 2006 Cumbria-based digital arts organisation Another Space decided to apply to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant to research and record people's memories of the factory and the lost village of Calgarth.

The project began in January 2007, recording people talking about their work at the factory and their lives on Calgarth Estate.

Mayer Hersh

Mayer Hersh

Mayer Hersh, one of three hundred child Holocaust survivors who, in 1945, were rehabilitated in Windermere. He describes his time in Auschwitz Birkenau, his evacuation to the Lake District and how he rebuilt his life in Manchester.

G Lidster

George Lidster

George Lidster who was born in 1914. He worked at Shorts’ Brothers in Rochester and moved to Windermere when the factory opened in 1941. He lived at Calgarth, but moved back to Kent at the end of the war. He talks about the work at the factory and the houses at Calgarth.

Eleanor Blezard

Eleanor Blezard

Eleanor Blezard who was born at Calgarth in 1944. Her family was one of the last to leave the estate in 1960. She describes her childhood on the estate and life at the school.